A special cake for a special bride

It’s official! I’ve made my first wedding cake ever. Was a pretty exciting experience and I’m glad it turned out the way it did. Details about videos that helped me and tips and tricks to follow later. Right now, I’m just too exhausted from preparing the cake and enjoying the wedding 🙂




Two tier cake

I know I’ve been idle for a month now but it’s been a crazy busy month at work ! However, I managed to squeeze in attending a project class at michaels today which shows how to stack cakes. Didn’t have much time to prepare for the cake design, but it was interesting to see how to properly support tall cakes. I didn’t want to miss it as I’m preparing for a tall cake project soon so stay tuned 😉


Princess cake


This is my latest cake, and which turned out to be a big hit! I made it for the birthday of a friend’s daughter who’s been dreaming of a pink cake for her birthday for weeks now. I was excited to make it for her because she’s really one of the sweetest kids I know.

At first, I was only planning to use buttercream icing and follow the technique and design in this video . However, when I saw the fondant version of the cake, I realized it looks more professional and sophisticated so I opted for the fondant version last minute, and followed the design in this video. I did more ruffles in the dress than in the video. It wasn’t actually intentional at first and I panicked a bit when I realized the skirt in the video wasn’t as ruffled, but it actually turned out to look pretty good.

Since I’ve had the bad experience of boxed cake mixes the first time
I tried to decorate a cake, I hadn’t used it since. However, with the cake mix extender trick in this blog, cakes turn out tasting great and stand better for decorating. So you save time making the cake and it tastes great.

I ended up baking 3 layers of 8 inch cake, and one cake in a round Pyrex bowl. Since I didn’t fill the Pyrex bowl till the end, it’s base wasn’t actually 8 inch to fit perfectly on top of the other layers so I had to trim the other layers a bit with a serrated knife. I think this is described in the video. I also used the wilton stick dolls instead of a full Barbie doll, and used a regular hairband to tie her hair and then stuck one of the gumpaste flowers matching the dress’s with piping gel to it.

The cake was a big hit in the birthday and it tasted great. My only problem with it is that I couldn’t find a box or caddy big enough to cover it and transport it. It wasn’t really the transportation that worried me as much as I was worried that the fondant would dry out and not taste good. It turned out ok ( not too dry), but I would definitely love to know how to store and transport a tall cake. Any suggestions ?



Course 3 final cake

Just had the last class of course 3 today, and made this cake for my final project.


Cake pops

So when I made the graduation cake a couple of weeks ago, the first cake that I baked got soggy in the middle after i took it out of the oven. It was quite a disappointment but since it was only the part in the middle that was soggy and the rest was baked well, I decided to cut that part out and save the rest of the cake in the freezer to venture on cake pops later.

Since we are visiting some friends tomorrow, I thought I can make something special to take with us so I decided to try my luck out with cake pops today, and here is my final result (directions to follow) !


So here is what i used to make the cake pops: a baked cake, buttercream icing, cookie sticks, candy melts. I also added some raspberry filling I had in the freezer from before.


You need to totally crumble the cake and then add the icing to it. You don’t really need a lot of icing, maybe about half a cup or so. You can always start mixing and then add more later as needed.


Mix the cake crumbles and the icing preferably with your hand so they mix well. I also added some of the raspberry filling just for flavor. Mix until its more like a dough as below.


Then start taking small pieces of the dough and shaping them into small balls. It’s better if you have a small ice cream scoop or something so that you take out the same amount of dough every time and have equal sized balls. My ice cream scooper was kind of big so I just ended up estimating.

Put all the dough balls on wax paper and place it in the fridge for around 2 hours.


After that, melt the candy melts in either a microwave or using the hot water method where you have one pot of hot water and the other pot with the candy melts on top of it. Keep stirring and make sure the candy is completely melted and smooth.

Dip the tip of the candy stick in the melted candy and stick in the middle of the dough ball. Take care not to push it in too much so you don’t cause any cracks.



Put the cake pop aside so that the stick settles in and doesn’t come off when you dip it in the candy melt later.


After you finished putting the sticks in all your cake pops, you can start dipping them in the melt. Start with the “older” ones to ensure that the stick is glued in place by now. Carefully dip the cake pop in the melt and hen gently rotate it to remove any excess candy melt. You can the. can add some sprinkles on them if you want.

You can leave the covered cake pops to cool in a cup a bunch at a time before you put them In your final container. You can put some styrofoam in a container so that you can stick the candy pops in them.



And that’s it 🙂



I’ve been using the Betty Crocker recipe for making tiramisu for a while now and just thought of sharing.

You can find the recipe here.

I don’t add any rum to it and it still tastes great. I also use whole eggs instead of the yolks only and didn’t have any problems with texture or taste. I just never know what to do with the remaining whites/yolks for recipes that call for one or the other.

It tastes great so enjoy !

P.S In this picture, I used half the quantities in the recipe since I was using a smaller dish.


Banana almond butter muffins

I just tried this recipe today and it tastes great! I was kind of skeptical about how it will turn into muffin like texture but it works !

Recipe here



Fondant flowers

Learnt to make these flowers in class today. Leaving them to completely dry now. Can’t wait to use them on an actual cake in lesson 4 !




Covering a cake with fondant

I found this video to be helpful when I was learning to cover a cake with fondant. It shows you how to avoid any folds in the sides. The key here is to have extra length in your rolled fondant so you can gradually smooth the sides. I don’t use the sweetex and I’m honestly not even sure what it is 😀

Covering a cake with fondant

Birthday cake for mum

Didn’t have all my decoration tools on hand, and wasn’t using my kitchen to bake which explains the unevenness of the cake. Was an unexpected surprise for my mum though 🙂