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Konafa (qatayfi) with cream and mango

Did a full version of the konafa with mango and cream. Was delicious. Several of my friends have asked about the recipe. Promise to post recipes in August when work pressure starts to cool off ! Advertisements

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Ramadan sweets

Ramadan is here ! Ramadan Mubarak everyone 🙂 I’m currently experimenting with oriental desserts and here are a few of my trials. This dessert is know as qatayef. I’ld like to think it is originally Egyptian but I’m not that sure. In all cases, it’s a very popular dessert in Ramadan in Egypt. It’s traditionally …

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I’ve been using the Betty Crocker recipe for making tiramisu for a while now and just thought of sharing. You can find the recipe here. I don’t add any rum to it and it still tastes great. I also use whole eggs instead of the yolks only and didn’t have any problems with texture or …

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