Experimenting with Mousses

I’ve tried making different kinds of mousses before and I always failed miserably! They just never seem to be the right texture. A few months ago, I decided I have to make it work and I finally did! There are basically two kinds of mousse recipes that you will find out there. Some that rely on gelatin and others that just rely on the chocolate and eggs to hold things up.

Let’s start with the chocolate one. After experimenting with several recipes, this is by far the easiest and most delicious one I found: http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/4857/chocolate+mousse+in+minutes. I can’t believe I didn’t take photos of the final product! I had a get-to-gether at my place and decided to make mini mousse cups. They just turned out to be perfect! I highly recommend this recipe and you can purchase these cute mini mousse cups from Amazon. My guests went for seconds and thirds and one of them even thought that they were ready made, because the cups looked so cute and professional.

Now, after my huge success with the chocolate mousse, I thought that I can adapt the recipe a bit and use white chocolate instead. How bad can it turn out ?! Oh well.. pretty bad. First, the white chocolate was too sweet for my taste. Second, it didn’t actually hold up or turn into the fluffy divine texture of the original mousse. My idea was to make an actual strawberry cake (so the batter has strawberries) and fill it with white chocolate mousse. When the mousse failed, I ended up just covering the cake with it. It was pretty liquid-like, but it did harden up a bit once refrigerated. I wouldn’t classify it as mousse though. Here’s a pic:

Even though the white chocolate mousse wasn’t as successful, the strawberry cake was absolutely yummy! I used this recipe but didn’t add in the food coloring. That’s why mine isn’t as red.

Now to the second kind of mousses that require gelatin. I finally realized that I wasn’t preparing my gelatin correctly. Most recipes just say sprinkle it on some water, leave to harden, and then stir. The only way mine would work was if I actually heated up the mixture after sprinkling it and made sure it was completely dissolved. I guess that’s rather intuitive if you compare it to making jelly, but I’m not sure why all recipes insist on this “sprinkling” technique. After using completely dissolved and heated up gelatin mix, I got pretty good mousse cakes below (raspberry and mango). I can’t remember the recipes I used for each. I’ll try to find them and edit the post later. However, I tried a simple strawberry one as well (no pics) where I just used whipped cream, fresh strawberry paste, and gelatin.


I think I’ve done experimenting with mousses for a while.. so off to something else now..


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