Decorating with whipped cream

I wanted to make a cake for a new year’s celebration we were having. I didn’t want to use fondant since I honestly didn’t know where to buy it in Cairo, and wasn’t prepared to go through the hassle of making it myself. On the other hand, I find buttercream to be too sweet and heavy and always feel bad for how much sugar and butter I would be feeding people ! So I thought of giving whipped cream a try. I’ve never used it to completely cover a cake before.

The main problem with whipped cream is that it can break apart and become runny. I read that you can stabilize it with gelatin, but I also didn’t have any on hand. The next choice was powdered sugar and corn starch. Both can act as stabilizers preventing it from braking down. The sugar is also necessary to sweeten it a bit. The idea is to start beating the cream till a small peak forms and then you can add the sugar and cornstarch (just a little) and beat again till it firms up. I had the whisk and the bowl refrigerated overnight so everything was extra cold for beating. I also added jam to it for flavoring and a tiny, tiny amount of food coloring.

Even though it would be hard to make any shapes that would hold themselves, I found that making such flat flowers worked ok and everything held up for 10 hours or so. I also used shaved white chocolate to cover the sides. Don’t think I mastered that one that well, but it was my first try and I found it to be a bit messy to stick things with the palm of your hand.




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