Another paleo icing recipe

This is another icing recipe I found. I actually used a very similar recipe as chocolate mousse before I saw this. The avocados give the thick, smooth texture to it so it’s actually a nice chocolate fix for chocolate addicts like me. My processor couldn’t really beat the avocados very well (I think the quantity was small for it) so I did get small pieces of green in the middle, but I convinced myself it was intentional decor 😉 This icing/frosting is thicker than the meringue one in my previous post. I haven’t tried doing any flowers or so with it but I think it might work with some effort and tweaking (maybe add meringue powder to it to make it hold?). Guess using it for some decoration will be my next experiment.

While we are here, the cake recipe in the link is also pretty good. Mine was a bit drier than I hoped for but tasted good overall. I used an 8 inch pan although I think 6inch for that quantity would have been better if u want it nice and tall (u would probably not use all the batter in a 6inch though). I wasn’t sure how much it would rise given that there’s no wheat flour in there but I would have generally preferred to be a little taller so you can fill it in the middle.





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