Eid Al Adha Cupcakes

It’s Eid Al Adha today. Eid Mubarak everyone! So decided to celebrate with some sheep shaped cupcakes (for those who don’t know the relevance, this is the eid where Muslims sacrifice a goat/sheep/cow on the first day and distribute a 1/3 of it to the less fortunate. We usually have a special meal cooked with lamb to eat on the first day). I looked for an easy way to make the sheep shaped cupcakes and found this post … but here’s the thing, yesterday was the Canadian Thanksgiving as well, and although we don’t really celebrate it other than take the opportunity to eat some great Turkey, I decided to make pumpkin cupcakes as part of the Canadian spirit so you can really call this my Eidsgiving celebration 😉

I used this gluten-free recipe for the cupcakes to try to make it a bit healthy (can’t say the same about the icing 😀 )

I did regular buttercream icing, and used a wilton tip 12 to pipe loop like shapes on top of each other onto the cupcake to resemble the fur.

For the heads, I bought some black Wilton shape and amaze dough, and created a ball from it, then pressed it with my thumb to create the proper shape of the head. Roll small pieces for the ears. I used white fondant for the eyes with small black dots for the pupils. I basically followed the post above except that I used the shape and amaze dough for the heads. I used the veining tool to create the nose on each head.





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