Ramadan sweets

Ramadan is here ! Ramadan Mubarak everyone 🙂 I’m currently experimenting with oriental desserts and here are a few of my trials.

This dessert is know as qatayef. I’ld like to think it is originally Egyptian but I’m not that sure. In all cases, it’s a very popular dessert in Ramadan in Egypt. It’s traditionally stuffed with mixed nuts but you can really put whatever you want in there ! I’ve made a couple with Nutella (the slightly darker ones) and a couple with nuts. The qatayef are deep fried and then dipped in syrup. Dipping the Nutella ones in syrup is optional. I find they are already sweet as is !


Next, we have konafa. Konafa is originally a Turkish dessert known as qatayfi, but in Egypt, we call it konafa. It is also traditionally stuffed with nuts, but lately people have been innovating with all kinds of stuffing. I’ve experimented with two of those I’ve seen lately. The small one is stuffed with Nutella (yes, you can guess I’m a fan by now) and the cups are small circles of konafa separated by cream (whipped cream made from heavy cream) and small pieces of mango. We are still waiting for Iftar so can’t tell if they taste good or not but I sure hope they do!






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