Large gumpaste roses

As promised (and long overdue), I’ll post a couple of the videos and tools I used to create the wedding cake in my previous post. My first challenge for the cake design I chose were the large roses. We only learned the small ones in class, and the cutters we used were not big enough. I came across this video during my search and liked the fact that she only uses circle cutters which makes it more flexible to create the size you want and makes it look more natural.

I had to try this a couple of times before it actually worked so just keep practicing till you get the number of layers and arrangement right for the look you want. Depending on which layer you are on, you also don’t need the whole circle so you can take half or 3/4 of a circle and only curl that part for a petal. I read somewhere on some forum about using pearl dust and steam to give the roses a more real look and I really liked the idea. So what you do is after the roses are completely dry (so a day or two later at least), brush your rose with pearl dust (I liked using the golden because it gave a shimmer and didn’t really look gold) then pass the rose quickly on top of steaming water a couple of times. It shouldn’t touch the water and should just quickly pass through the steam on top.


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