Adding texture to your cake

Continuing with the tools I used for the wedding cake, these are the texture sheets I used for the bottom tier of the cake:

Now pros and cons, pros are I really liked the patterns on these and that you could either create texture or embossing depending on which side you use. However, the downside is these sheets are very small so completely aligning the pattern every time you have to move the sheet is hard. The other thing is that the fondant stretches a bit when you lift it to cover the cake ( needless to say, don’t use a smoother when u have a pattern on). Ideally, you can use the wilton impression mats since you roll the fondant over it and can just flip it on the cake which should minimize the stretching. However, I didn’t like the patterns used since they don’t really fit with a wedding cake, and they create an embossing and not a texture ( at least from what I’ve seen).

So I guess you should choose the option that fits your design and I’m sure there are large texture mats out there but I just didn’t come across one in Canada.


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